How To Make Pot Roast Tender

How To Make Pot Roast Tender

Cooking a pot roast is one of the most enjoyable meals for cooks to undertake.  Most people will need to think about how to make pot roast tender.  Nothing will spoil this dish quicker than meat that has become dry or tough.  The basic solution to this problem is to use a braising technique and low heat.  This will help make sure that liquid is evenly distributed throughout the meat as it gradually cooked.

Perhaps the best tool for this process will be the slow-cooker.  This unit is typically heated by an electrical grid under a ceramic basin.  This will help a low amount of heat penetrate the meat and cook it entirely.  But since the meat is heated in a basin, the juices will tend to collect around it.  This will allow the cook to periodically baste the meat in its own juices. There are many recipes for slow cooker pot roast.

Cooks should also take advantage of this cooking process to also throw a few veggies in to this mix.  Most people will naturally want to add in a few diced carrots and potatoes.  They can also use the juice to mix up a stew or gravy.  This will pair very well with the meat and make it seem even more tender for guests.

Here is a visual of how to make pot roast tender.  ~Delicious!!

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