How To Make Pot Roast

Best Meat For Pot Roast

7 Bone Chuck Roast One of the best meat for pot roast to use is called a 7 bone chuck roast. This is named for the bone that is in the roast that is somewhat shaped like the number 7.  You can see this in the lower left portion of this picture.

How to Make Pot Roast

Once you have your roast, season both sides of the roast generously with salt and pepper. It may look like a lot, but the meat is fairly thick.  Sprinkle both sides with flour, and pat the flour into the roast (this is known as “spanking in the flour”.)

Sear the meat by putting in a large skillet on Med-High heat with 2 TBSP vegetable oil. Let the oil get hot first and sear until the meat gets nice and crispy brown on both sides.

After removing the meat, add some fresh mushrooms to the skillet (turned down to medium) along with a pat of butter. After about 3-4 minutes add a cut up onion and cook for about 5 minutes more, then add some minced garlic for a minute, then add about a tablespoon of flour. This will help thicken the sauce later.

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Is your mouth watering yet?  This is a great way to prepare the meat, whether you bake in the oven or put into the slow cooker for the day. Look for full recipes that will give you different tastes in the posts here.

Here is a mouth watering classic recipe video for pot roast:

The information given above will give you a guide on how to make pot roast from your home with a piece of your best beef chuck roast.

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